Barbecue Beauties Box


The sun still isn’t fully cooperating but we just had to post this box of beautiful bottles that WE would love to drink next to a roaring barbecue. Six eccentric wines that marry substance with smashability, thirst-quenching but equipped to take on a slab of smoky, meaty goodness. We’ve got:

  1. Lise & Bertrand Jousset’s ‘Rosé a Lies’ 2019, fresh restock of an absolute crowd favourite. Unlike their other pink pet-nat ‘Exilé Rosé, the ‘Rosé a Lies’ is made from the Jousset’s domain-grown grapes, Gamay and Grolleau grown on pretty serious clay/silex over limestone terroir. This shows in its subtly layered and slightly herbaceous nose, its powerful linear tension on the palate and its long earthy finish. Gorgeous stuff.
  2. Christophe Pacalet’s Beaujolais Blanc 2019, fun-loving Chardonnay from granite soils, fermented and aged on neutral old oak. Thick-juiced but refreshing, with a slightly floral nose, creamy mid-palate and lots of mineral grip on the finish. Young and dainty enough to drink as an aperitif, but especially delicious next to swanky seafood like scallops, langoustines and lobster from the grill.
  3. Alexis Hudon ‘Groseille’ 2019, Pinot Noir/Gamay fruit-bomb in the best sense of the word. Almost more of a dark rosé than a light red, this drinks like jet-powered fruit juice. Enjoy with a good chill but beware of that perfectly tucked-away 14.5 alcohol.
  4. Jean-Philippe Padié’s ‘Petit Taureau’ 2018. Zesty Syrah/Carignan blend that brims with peppery Southern aromas but feels surprisingly weightless. Super vibrant on the palate, like a blackberry just exploded between your teeth. Chill very lightly and it can handle anything from a grilled beetroot salad to a fatty piece of slow-roasted lamb.
  5. Domaine de l’Astré ‘Pelroge’ 2019. Super juicy Merlot/Cabernet Franc/Cabernet Sauvignon blend, from Dordogne, no oak in sight. Inky and deep-flavoured but full of energy. Jammy black fruits, spice and herbs on the attack, moving into a minty breeze and refreshing tannic grip on the finish. Pairs great with a lamb leg or (skirt) steak but will probably rub nicely with a burger as well.
  6. Marc Kreydenweiss ‘Ansata’ 2015. Dark and smoky Syrah from Marc’s second domain, in Costieres de Nimes. Deep and complex black fruit paired with the acidity and salty minerality that Kreydenweiss is known for. Cote de boeuf-wine that’s still suitable for outside drinking.
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