Barbecue Reds Value Pack


Six affordable but distinctive wines selected to fit barbecued, grilled and roasted feasts. To match these smoky and hearty flavours we looked for good balance between fruit and savoury notes, supple structure and refreshing acidity. Most of these bottles have a slightly rustic earthy edge that works a treat with pure, gamy and Old World-y flavours. Spicy marinades and sweet sticky sauces not so much perhaps.

  1. Cavaliera ‘Guerro’ Lambrusco Grasparossa: Deep-flavoured and relatively full-bodied unsulphured Lambrusco, a festively sparkling accompaniment to salumi and big roasts. Imagine a ripe Cabernet Franc with a delicate but frothy mousse and you’re almost there. Serve chilled, naturally.
  2. Joao Tavares de Pina ‘Rufia Rosado’ 2019: Sure this is a rosé, but such a fleshy, spicy and mineral one that it’s best treated as a super light red. A favourite, don’t drink too cold!
  3. Domaine Joubert Beaujolais ‘Cuvée l’Ancienne’ 2018: Raw but precise natural Beaujolais, delicious tension between bright fruit, peppery funk and firm acidity. Serve lightly chilled with charcuterie or grilled sausages.
  4. Domaine du Cros Marcillac ‘Lo Sang del Pais’ 2018: Super old-school food wine from the southern heartland of France, made from obscure grape Fer Servadou. Light-weight but deep, smoky and almost bloody in flavour, this is the perfect wine to match hearty French country fare like steak frites, stews and slow roast lamb.
  5. Schnaitmann ‘Steinwiege’ Lemberger 2017: Delicious unfiltered Blaufränkisch from Württemberg. Serve chilled and its shows tight and mineral-tinged tart cherries, but as it warms up you get a much darker spectrum of wild herbs, spice and black fruits. Dishes involving ham or lean cuts of lamb love this wine.
  6. Emanuelle Kreydenweiss ‘Grimaudes’ 2017: Warm-blooded wine from Marc Kreydenweiss’s southern domain in Costieres de Nimes. ‘Grimaudes’ is Marc’s wife Emanuelle’s project and shows slightly more subtle and elegant than this domaine’s other reds. Still, it’s stuffed with dark and leathery southern flavours ranging from smoky black fruit, wild herbs, pepper and roast meat. Will work with any lamb dish, from merguez to a big roast, provided it’s not too spicy.


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