Bonnardot Molland Blanc 2018


Molland is a vineyard near the head office in Bonnecontre east of Beaune. These are the slopes of the Saône valle. Before the phylloxera crisis, this area was covered with 120 hectares of vineyard. This small piece of vineyard is a small legacy of that period.

Technical specifications

Soil: Sand-clay soil with pebbles

Exposition: South; 190 meters altitude

Cepage: 50% Chardonnay and 50% Aligoté

Vinification: Manually harvested and sorted. Prolonged and careful pressing of whole clusters. Fermentation with grape yeasts in barrel, without sulphite or other additives. Not filtered or clarified. Organic viticulture with stimulated biodiversity (not certified).

Taste notes

The wine is made with as little interventions as possible, with native yeasts. Yet the nose contains clarity. The fruit is enveloped in a spicy character of ginger and menthol. The taste of ripe yellow plums is uplifting and juicy. The low pH provides a spicy texture. 12%

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