French Light Reds Box


One for the fans! Six bottles of featherweight French reds that each in their own way balance light and bright fruit with earthy and gamey notes. Best served lightly chilled, of course.

  1. Precise and mineral-laced Fleurie from Chritophe Pacalet’s newly acquired, high-altitude vineyard ‘Les Labourons’.
  2. Short-maceration, high-intensity unsulphured Grolleau from Savennières wizard Clement Baraut.  Enticingly layered sylvan aromas on the nose, tart forest berries on the palate.
  3. Alsatian Pinot Noir by Antoine Kreydenweiss, tight and linear Pinot fruit framed by black tea and wet earth.
  4. Juicy and extremely layered Pinot Noir/Piot Meunier blend from Orléans, unique wine by the young Amandine et Quentin.
  5. Profoundly Southern but weightless Syrah/Carignan by Jean-Philippe Padié. Packed with violets, garrigue and black pepper but clocking in at a mere 12,5% alcohol.
  6. Uniquely aromatic Tannat/Cabernet Franc blend from le Sud-Ouest by biodynamic priestess Céline Oulié.

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