João Tavares de Pina: Maverick Wines from the Dão BOX


6-bottle sampler of the the inimitable João Tavares de Pina’s rare and vibrant Dão natural wines. 4,5 liters of pure fun, but remarkably profound for its price-point.

You get:

  • Fresh, tight and salty ‘Rufia Branco’ 2019, an electric white with a tiny bit of maceration.
  • Fruity an ethereal 3-week macerated orange wine ‘Rufia Skin-Contact’ 2019.
  • Spicy and mineral ‘Rufia Rosado’ 2019, accessible rosé with a surprisingly peppery finish.
  • Super short-maceration light red ‘Lero-Lero’ 2019, Mencia and Rufete grapes framed like Beaujolais with a dark fruited underbelly.
  • Equally light but slightly more wild and smokey Touriga Nacional and Mencia blend ‘Tretas!’ 2018
  • Deep-flavoured, earthy and tea-like ‘Rufia Tinto’ 2017, the most full-bodied of the box but still lightyears away from the usual Portugese blockbusters.
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