Loire Valley / Picnic Party Box


Loire Valley Picnic Party Box

Thirst-quenching wines from our favourite wine region, perfect company for a cozy picnic or barbecue along the banks of Loire River. Or just on your inner city balcony, of course.

Domaine Le Facteur Vouvray Brut Nature: Tight and chalky sparkling wine by Fabien Brutout, made from biodynamically cuddled old-vine Chenin Blanc. Second fermentation induced with fresh grape must, no dosage. Bone-dry, great fun with oysters and tangy goats cheese.

Clos Roussely ‘Les Clos’ Touraine 2018: Unusually thick-juiced organic Touraine Sauvignon Blanc, cut by deliciously nervous acidity and mineral mouthfeel. Works a treat with goats cheese salad, green asparagus or grilled fish with fresh herbs.

Domaine Breton ‘La Dilettante’ 2017: Never enough Chenin! La Dilettante 2017 is plump, apply and mineral, with a slight touch of honey and cream. Lip-smacking stuff from our friends Catherine et Pierre Breton, firm enough to handle some lemony grilled chicken.

Domaine de la Roche Bleue ‘Val d’Aunis’ Rosé 2018: Mineral, aromatic and decidedly ‘Northern’ rosé by Sebastien Cornille in  Jasnieres. Made from biodynamically farmed Pineau d’Aunis and a bit of Gamay and Cabernet Franc, light, tight and refreshing.

Les Athletes du Vin ‘Vini be Good’ Pinot Noir 2017: Light and earthy Pinot Noir by Gérald Vallée, perfect picnic red with a good chill and a jambon-beurre.

Domaine Breton Bourgueil ‘Trinch’ 2017: Bon-vivant wine by bon-vivant winemakers, grippy natural Cabernet Franc that’s a great fit with charcuterie, grilled sausages and roasted beetroots.

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