Molino Real Malaga Mountain Wine 2010


Vinification: Hand-harvested, strictly selected grapes are left on reed mats to dry in the sun. Then a second selection is done, with only best dried bunches taken into the cellar. There they are delicately pressed and allowed to ferment naturally and age for 20 months in big wooden barrels.

Character: The result is a dense but delicate, long-lived sweet wine that honors the age-old history of Malaga’s “mountain wines”.  At Chabrol we are now able to offer a very limited number of back-vintage bottles (2005/2006) that truly showcase the depth of flavour that Molino Real can develop. When pairing, think of desserts with raisins, honey, quince, nuts and a touch of cream, and stay away from overly bright and bitter ingredients. However, and old bottle of Molino Real might be best enjoyed simply by itself, so that its magically lingering taste will stay with you for the rest of the night.

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