05-02-2020 SDEN 3 Wine certificate (Dutch spoken)


The Wine Certificate is primarily a recognized diploma for those who work in the beverage sector. But also wine lovers who want to know even more about wine often sign up for the Wine Certificate. In most cases, this wine course consists of eight evenings that extensively discuss viticulture, winemaking, wine countries and regions, grape varieties and wine-food combinations. The most important thing in this course is learning to taste wines, usually 60 to 70 wines that are analyzed and discussed in an expert manner. It is very nice to learn to recognize the different breeds and to know where they usually come from. The course material includes many “wine facts” and must be well studied to have a chance to get this diploma. With this diploma you can certainly give good advice to wine trade and hospitality customers.

What you want to know about the Wine Certificate!
What is the Wine Certificate?
The Wijnbrevet is an SDEN 3 level diploma from the WijnExamens Nederland Foundation. The Wijnbrevet is the entry diploma to the Vinologist training. There are no admission requirements for a course or exam for the Wine Certificate. The Wijnbrevet is a follow-up course to the course for the Wijnoorkonde, but you can also be admitted immediately.


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