Staff Favourites Box 1


Discover what we love to drink ourselves with this set of delicious bottles handpicked by our staff:

  1. Life-changing Cider ‘Rose de Torny’ from Swiss magician Jacques Perritaz. Feel the way this laserbeam of a drink presses itself onto your palate, unmatched by most sparkling wines, and throw everything you thought about cider out of the window. Give it some air so that its initial smoky funk can clear the way for those delicate rose petal aroma’s that characterise the rare apple variety from which this bottle is made.
  2. Creamy but electric Chenin Blanc from Montlouis, by our good friends Lise et Bertrand Jousset. This 2017 ‘Premier Rendez-Vous’ right now hits that sweet spot between young and developed, fresh and flowery stone fruit meets beeswax and iodine, underscored by endlessly salty minerality.
  3. Killer skin-contact Macabeo 2019 by Agusti Torello Roca. Amphora-fermented and macerated for 90 days, this is an energetic and refreshing orange wine where complexity and drinkability vie for the centre stage.
  4. Crunchy forest berries, black tea and a good dusting of white pepper on the nose: this is a perfect marriage of spicy Pineau d’Aunis and playful Gamay. On the palate ‘La Guinguette’ 2018 by Sebastien Cornille is juicier than previous vintages, but retains a refreshingly green and mineral side that’s augmented by the slight spritz of trapped CO2.
  5. We could have picked almost any wine from Domaine Kreydenweiss, but this new venture into red wine making is a drink you can wake us up at night for. Snappy, crunchy, light-weight, beautiful Pinot Noir-glou.
  6. Thunderously structured big brother of one of our top sellers: Domaine Joubert’s Brouilly. This ‘Renaissance’ 2017 is an unsulphured micro-cuvée from a small plot of 100+ y/o vines, insanely delicious and punchy stuff.
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