Vinhos Barbeito Madeira Boal Reserva 5 Y/O


Vinification: Madeira wines from Barbeito are made from the original grape varities only, in the classical method, the Canteiro way, in which the wine is kept in wooden barrels for at least five years in sun-heated attics, which makes the wine oxidize and develop.

Character: The Boal Madeira is a semi-sweet fortified wine with flavours of nuts, dried fruit, salted caramel and honey, and plenty of acidity to balance out the richness. It is one of the most versatile wines in terms of foodpairing, and a surefire hit around the holidays when we always have bottles open in the shop for customers to taste. It can be delicious next to a nice beef consommé (a splash in the soup doesn’t hurt either), but it truly shines with foie gras, chocolate desserts and cheese platters.



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