Staff Favourites (Deluxe Pack)


6 absolute beauties, dense with complexity and generous with drinkability. Each one delicately layered but highly refreshing, exactly what a ‘deluxe’ package should be with this climate. You get:

  1. ‘Mosquito’ 2018: Lightly sparkling pet-nat by our friends Lise and Bertrand Jousset, mostly Roussillon-sourced Muscat with a touch of their own Montlouis Chenin Blanc. Rich, aromatic and full-bodied, serve this as a cocktail-substitute after dinner or at the end of a day at the park/beach when the sun is just starting to set.
  2. ‘Fleur de Cailloux’ 2019: thick but refreshing Grenache Blanc/Gris by Jean-Philippe Padié, eminently chalky and every so subtly tropical. Tastes like the purest grape juice wrung straight from a piece of limestone.
  3. Bourgogne Haute-Cotes-de-Beaune 2018 by biodynamic pioneer Jean-Claude Rateau: crystal-clear expression of cool-climate Chardonnay, even in a hot vintage. Thrilling minerality, unmasked by new oak and modern trickery.
  4. ‘Cuvee des Gueux’ 2019: Thick and still slightly spritzy mountain juice by Savoie workhorse Adrien Berlioz. Jacquere-Altesse blend, smells like springtime meadows, ripe apples and wet stones.
  5. ‘Maceration de Menu Pineau’ 2017: Another gem by the Jousset‘s, beautiful 9-week maceration of Menu Pineau. Dark and musky but deliciously weightless unsulphured orange wine.
  6. ‘Nuits d’Ivresse’ 2017: Catherine and Pierre Breton‘s one completely unsulphured Cab Franc, and also one of their most age-worthy. Like the previous wine, deep and dark-flavoured but seemingly suspended in the air.
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