What We’re Into Right Now (Value Pack)


Six highly smashable bottles that we often reach for when we need something with a bit of kick to quench our never-ceasing thirsts. How about:

  1. The last batch of ‘Exilé Rosé’ 2018 before the new vintage comes in. These bottles have been degorged (yeast popped out) and show much more focused expression of their beautiful Gamay fruit compared to the last batch. Wow!
  2. Aromatically ripe but texturally chalky Macabeu by the biodynamic Domaine Padié in Calce, Roussillon. Flowers, wild herbs and subtly tropical fruit on the nose, finish feels like finely grind oyster shells.
  3. Funky and musky Menu Pineau by our friend Alexis Hudeau, beautiful stuff singing with nutty fruit beneath a haze of burnt pastry.
  4. Vibrant and delicately aromatic orange wine by Joao Tavares de Pina.
  5. Domaine Marcel Lapierre’s lemonade for grown-ups, ‘Raisins Gaulois’!
  6. Deep but gluggable Southern French spice by Stephane et Cecile Yerle marrying the peppery and coffee-tinged Aramon with the energy of Cinsault. Barbecue winner!
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