Open Wine Tastings 2020

March 6: Masterclass Wine & Chocolate Overtoom  

March 22: Whiskey Tasting Overtoom  

March 22/23: Jousset Montlouis  

March 27: Wine & Cheese Overtoom  

April 10: Bart’s Favorites Overtoom  

April 11: Plantation Rum Proeverij Haarlemmerstraat  

April 19: Spanish Wines Proeverij Haarlemmerstraat  

April 24: Loire Tasting Overtoom  

May 22: Pinot Noir vs Spätburgunder Overtoom  

June 5: Riesling Tasting Overtoom  

October 2: Piedmont Tasting Haarlemmerstraat  

December 4: Sparkling Wines Overtoom

Open Wine Tastings

Chabrol Wines regularly organizes wine tastings at various locations with different themes. This is not only an opportunity for us to taste our wines, but also to share our knowledge about and love of wine with you. Data and information about these tastings can be found on this page. We can also keep you informed of wine tastings via Facebook or sign up for our newsletter! In addition to the wine tastings that we organize ourselves, you can also opt for a customized wine tasting and / or a wine tasting on location.

Custom wine tasting

In consultation with you we organize all conceivable wine tastings. These are always provided by one of our own speakers and of course accompanied by matching snacks. Together we determine in advance what the desired theme is. This can be a specific area, a specific grape, the old versus the new world, a champagne tasting or a rosé tasting. In short, everything you can imagine!

The costs are € 35 per person with a minimum amount of € 350. The Overtoom has space for a maximum of 14 participants. The maximum number of participants is 21 on the Haarlemmerstraat. In addition, we can arrange wine tasting at almost any location in the Netherlands!