• March 6: Masterclass Wine & Chocolate Overtoom (Dutch)
  • March 22: Whisky Tasting Overtoom  (English)
  • March 22/23: Meet Domaine Jousset & Domaine de la Roche Blue (English) 
  • March 27: Wine & Cheese Overtoom (English)
  • April 10: Bart’s Favorites Overtoom (Dutch)
  • April 11: Plantation Rum Tasting Haarlemmerstraat (English)
  • April 19: Casper’s Grand Tour of Spain Haarlemmerstraat (Dutch)
  • April 24: Loire Valley Tasting Overtoom (English)
  • May 22: Pinot Noir vs Spätburgunder Overtoom (Dutch)
  • May 30-31: Lente Kabinet Festival (‘t Twiske)
  • June 5: Riesling Tasting Overtoom (Dutch)
  • June 12-14: First Weekend Bacchus Winefestival (Amsterdamse Bos)
  • June 19-21: Second Weekend Bacchus Winefestival (Amsterdamse Bos)
  • Juli 31 – August 2: Dekmantel Festival (Amsterdamse Bos)
  • September 26: Organic, Biodynamic & Natural Wines Haarlemmerstraat (English)
  • October 3: Piemonte Tasting Haarlemmerstraat (Dutch)
  • October 31: Wine & Cheese Haarlemmerstraat (English)
  • November 8: Bordeaux Tasting Haarlemmerstraat (Dutch)
  • December 4: Sparkling Wines Overtoom (English)


It is also possible to book private group events, in one of our stores or at an external location. These events can be completely tailored to your wishes in terms of theme, knowledge level and food pairing.

Themes usually range from specific countries or regions to subjects like ‘Sparkling Wines’ or ‘Natural Wines’, but pretty mich anything is possible.

Costs start at € 35 per person with a minimum amount of € 350.

Both our stores can host groups of about 20 people maximum. In addition, we can arrange wine tastings at almost any location in the Netherlands!

Inquiries can be sent to for the Haarlemmerstraat and for the Overtoom.