Val des Rois Blanc 2020


Val des Rois Blanc

Terroir :

La Lance is the beautiful mountain which closes the Valréas plain to the north. The vine grows at its foot and is planted with Grenache Blanc, Bourboulenc and Viognier. The climate influenced by the mistral gives freshness and clays retain moisture. Cultivation methods do not use weedkillers or synthetic products, fertilization by use of vegetable compost helps maintain biological life in the ground.

Vinification :

Manual harvest with strict sorting. Cold settling is followed by fermentation at low temperature and protected from any risk of oxidation.

Tasting Notes:

Light color. Aromatic nose mixing citrus, exotic fruits, and white flowers. Creamy palate but ending freshly. The promises in nose are revealed in the palate. A little mineral bitterness at the end gives a gastronomic finish.

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