‘Understanding natural wine’ 1 Day Course

Do you want to understand how wine is made? What choice do you make when you drink a glass of wine? What do you think is important?

Taste always comes first, for everyone who visits Chabrol. But you certainly have a lot more to choose from. And how do you do that, based on what information?

Natural wine is sometimes referred to as the trendy hipster wine for Randstad residents. raw, ‘unplugged’, ‘funky’ and for some maybe even ‘freaky’. So for the enthusiast.

What is the difference in; vin naturel, vin nature, natural wine, bio, eco/eko, organic?

Taste along in this evening course and understand more about the wine that is produced in a sustainable way.

We’re going to go in depth this evening and talk about:

minimal intervention, pesticides, fertilizers, manual harvest, biodynamic progress. Spontaneous fermentation & wild yeasts, chaptalization or acidification. Sulphite, clarify, filter. ‘orange wines’ & ‘Pet-Nat’. Biodynamics, Rudolf Steiner & vegan wine. And all that in 2 hours with 8 beautiful glasses of wine to taste.

The most important part of the wine course is tasting! Learning to taste wine together is fun and you better understand how taste perception works.


Course Instructor: Michiel Oosterhoff

Time: 20:00-22:30

Location: Haarlemmerstraat 7

Taste & Enjoy- Wine Course SDEN2

The Basic Wine Course at Chabrol Wines is the best way for beginners to learn about wine! In four lessons we will take you on a tour of the most important wine regions, grapes and wine styles. We will discuss all the basics of winemaking and drinking, including classic wine-food combinations and common wine errors.

However, the most important part of the wine course is: wine tasting! By tasting wine together we callibrate our palette and learn to distinguish and assess its most important aspects.

Course Instructors: Michiel Oosterhoff, Pia Spierings

Price includes the hardcover lesson book “Ik Weet Meer Van Wijn” by M. van der Rijst.

Time: 20:00-22:30

Location: Haarlemmerstraat 7 or Overtoom 444, Amsterdam

Advanced Course SDEN3

If you want to delve deeper into the world of wine, you can follow the advanced course based on which you can take the national exam for the wine certificate. This course consists of 8 lessons.

The Wine Certificate is primarily a recognized diploma for those who work in the beverage sector. But also wine lovers who want to know even more about wine often sign up for the Wine Certificate. In most cases, this wine course consists of eight evenings that extensively discuss viticulture, winemaking, wine countries and regions, grape varieties and wine-food combinations. The most important thing in this course is learning to taste wines, usually 60 to 70 wines that are analyzed and discussed in an expert manner. It is very nice to learn to recognize the different breeds and to know where they usually come from. The course material includes many “wine facts” and must be well studied to have a chance to get this diploma. With this diploma you can certainly give good advice to wine trade and hospitality customers.

Course Instructor: Michiel Oosterhoff

Price includes the hardcover lesson book 

Time: 20:00-22:30

Location: Haarlemmerstraat 7