Newsletter November 2023 – The Last of Dance 2023

ENGLISH BELOW  De klok is een uur teruggedraaid afgelopen weekend, het is weer vroeg donker [...]

Catherine et Pierre Breton: Star winemakers of the Loire Valley, the “real-life bon-vivant winemakers”

  The Loire Valley, 2000 years of winemaking and the Tuff, extraordinary material, a chalky [...]

Winemaker of the month December: Weingut Drautz Able

By Casper van Tartwijk   For several months now, Chabrol has been the proud importer [...]

Winemaker of the Month November: Domaine Marc Kreydenweiss

Domaine Kreydenweiss: Alsace’s most exciting! By Casper van Tartwijk Chabrol has been the official importer [...]

Newsletter November: New wines from Dompierre and Cérons

Dear wine enthusiast, From the classic wine region of Bordeaux we import new wines from [...]

West Coast AVA – What to Buy from the United States

Raised in Bordeaux It’s no secret that fundamentally we’re a pretty classic importer/ wine store. [...]

Newsletter August: Denizot from Sancerre and Groseille is Back

Dear Wine Enthusiast August is showing a bit dreary. But rainy weather is pre-eminently wine [...]

Sancerre and Domaine Denizot – Statement Wine from Loire

Authentic Sauvignon Blanc Since the 1950s, this wine region has been one of the best [...]

Mosel A Riesling Region Like no Other

A Riesling Region Like no Other The Mosel is Germany’s oldest wine region. A spectacular, [...]

Help the Ahr Region after the Floodings

The Ahr valley, Bad NeuenAhr-Ahrweiler area is located in the German National Parc Eiffel region. [...]