Chateau Mangot – The Other Side of Saint-Émilion

Bordeaux Highlights

April and May are originally the months the professionals and press are tasting the primeurs at the Châteaus in Bordeaux. Unfortunately this year the event couldn’t take place in the same fashion. Instead Chabrol joined the Primeur tasting at Vreugde en Rust in Voorburg.

In spite of all the hardship, 2020 is going to be a great year.  A warm vintage, but with a lot of backbone in the acidity and good ripe tannins. This vintage is going to be big! But we need to wait a bit before we can enjoy those wines. For the impatient ones we have some other Bordeaux news. Another Primeur. A great new Château from Saint Émilion with also some acres in the basically unfamiliar, but increasingly worthy Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux. The value for money is unmatched for the Castillon wines.

The Todeschini Family

Château Mangot is owned by the Todeschini Family. Although their name sounds Italian, their history in Saint-Émilion goes back centuries. Nowadays the vineyards and cellar are managed by the brothers Yann and Karl. The wines of the Château perfectly represent the power and strength of the region, but also have a contemporary elegance and refinement.

Most of the wines are Merlot driven, but the Château recognizes the importance of exploring the capacity of the later ripening varieties as Cabernet Franc. They make some great experiments with this ground gaining variety.

Saint-Émilion and Castillon

The Château owns 37 ha on limestone soil. The variety of expositions and altitudes provide a complexity, strength and low ph in their wines. As Bordeaux-specialist wine shop we regard this less familiar Château as a great asset to our range.

Château La Brande is owned by the Todeschini family. The family also owns Château Mangot in Saint-Émilion. La Brande is located in neighboring Castillon, Côtes de Bordeaux. Castillon is an emerging wine region. Less known and therefore less costly. Many great producers from Saint-Émilion praise the area for its cooler exposition. Due to the hilly landscape and the east-facing vineyards, it can be up to 2 degrees cooler here than in Saint-Émilion.

Unlike Mangot, clay predominates here over the limestone and contains veins of flint. This terroir gives the wine more roundness and charm, allowing Todeschini to make succulent wines. It’s an area that profits from the annually rising temperatures. The producers have acknowledged the greatness of Castillon. The only wise choice is to follow!

The Wines of Todeschini:


Château Mangot Saint-Émilion Grand Cru 2016 31.38

The wine is concentrated and precise. The nose shows fresh hint of eucalyptus and mint, in the palate darks spices as cloves, cedar and tobacco give the wine a strong body, but the finishing is elegant with blue flower notes. Such a beautiful vintage. This wine embodies the Todeschini heritage as no other.

Château Mangot Saint-Émilion Grand Cru ‘Quintessence’ 2015 47.11

Such a complex, intense and meaty wine. We taste dark ripe plums, cane sugar and some charcoal. This is the essence of  Saint-Émilion Grand Cru. The finish is endelessly! A warm and very giving vintage.

Château Mangot Saint-Émilion Grand Cru ‘Todeschini’ 2014 58.20

A deep colour, a powerful, intense nose of violets and dark berries. Fresh mint and sweet chocolate is added as second, but in the palate it finishes dark and spiced. A very complete, balanced and elegant wine, a true Saint-Émilion Grand Cru and the flagship wine of the Family!

Chateau Mangot Saint-Émilion ‘L’Autre’ Sans Soufre 2019 32.02

The wine is juicy and ripe. Some wild plums and umami contoured with graphite and tar. There is no sulphur added and the fermentation started on indigenous wild yeasts. This is black currant juice without compromises. As clearcut as Bordeaux can be.

Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux

Château La Brande Castillon 2016 17.01

The wines from La Brande, the Castillon Brand are made in the cellars of Mangot in Saint-Émilion. The wines have a great accessibility as well the signature of the great wines of the Flagship Vineyards. Castillon is the area to watch in Bordeaux. The slanting slopes and cool exposition give the wines their elegance and great balance. The prices are still very affordable. We could drink this daily.

Classic and elegant, cigar box and not overly ripe forest fruits. Some blueberry compote and cured meats give the wine contains and filling.

Marmot de la Brande 2020 ‘Sans Soufre’ 14.10

Juicy black currants, licorice and eucalyptus in the nose. The wine has a seducing and exotic oriental minty freshness. Some rustic tannins and wild gamey notes gives the wine masculinity and boldness. This is another cuvée without added sulphites and fermentation on indigenous yeasts. It shows the forward way of the Todeschini Family. Very interesting!