Val des Rois; Where vines are treated as kings

Val des Rois is a small family domain in Valréas. This region is located in the far north of the Côtes du Rhône. The wines produced here are seductive, spicy and elegant. The type of wine that is enjoyed by a wide audience and can be used at a variety of times. Rosé for in the sun,  a gastronomic full bodied white for a Mediterranean lunch and juicy red with an edge for let’s say a barbecue or with a nice camp fire. Val des Rois is distinguished by its exceptionally clean style, the small conscientious production and the skills of the winemaker.

Emmanuel originally trained as a biologist and combines tradition and modernity to produce delicate wines. His aim is to show the expression of terroir and the quality of the grapes. In 2013 the domain was awarded organic certification by Ecocert. The whole estate is free from use of synthetic products. Its soil is enriched only by organic matter.

The clay and limestone slopes are conducive to the expression of the wine. The relative altitude of 350 to 400 meters gives this terroir a balanced acidity and a delicacy of tannins specific to this appellation. The main varieties, Grenache and Syrah, are suited to the Mediterranean climate. The Mistral wind keeps the weather dry and mild, which is essential to the characteristics of the terroir. In total 10 Ha are exploited.

In 2020 Stéphane Vedeau’s Clos Bellane took over the exploitation of the winery. At Chabrol we’ve been in business with Stéphane since 2006. His two wineries Clos Bellane and La Ferme du Mont have been in our product line for years. We applaud the freshness and purity of this new accessible range of Val des Rois.

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Les Allards au Naturel

Made from Grenache Noir à petits grains. Deep garnet red color. The nose smells of fresh harvest. On the palate, full-bodied, the tannins present are coated in a volume or power, but remains moderate and lets the freshness express itself.

Val des Rois Rouge

The domaine’s vines are mainly on exposed hillsides South-South East. The colour is deep dark. The aromas range from black cherry, blueberry and chocolate. The balance between freshness and power, characteristic of the Valréas appellation is present throughout the tasting, accompanied by the finesse of the tannins

Val des Rois Blanc

La Lance is the beautiful mountain which closes the Valréas plain to the north. An aromatic nose mixing citrus, exotic fruits, and white flowers. Creamy palate but ending freshly. A little mineral bitterness at the end gives a gastronomic finish.

Val des Rois Rosé

The vines are on clay and limestone with variations of pebbles, rollers and stones limestones. The kaleidoscope of scents range from violet to small strawberries wood with a hint of peach. The palate is lively, thirst-quenching and energetic. The very low pH of the soil gives freshness and length.