Newsletter June – English version

Dear wine-enthusiast!

The weather is finally fantastic! A welcome change after all those cold wet days of May. June starts ideally with sun and lovely temperatures. Our bubbles, rosé and whites are all cooled in the fridge and we have beautiful unbreakable wine glasses available in the shops, for the spontaneous toast in the park or along the canal. The Happy Glass wine glasses have a spacious chalice and are almost indistinguishable from real glass. Our chilled wines will unfold perfectly in this coupe. Additionally the glasses are environmentally friendly  and reusable.

Importantly we also have some great news about tastings and courses. We know, you are eager and we are in action mode. Scroll down for further info.

Salut, Team Chabrol


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Summertime Wine – Txakoli Itsasmendi

Which wine will fill our summer? We opt for a Txakoli from Itsasmendi from the fine Basque Country. Anyone who has been to the Basque Country has naturally fallen in love with the beautiful bays, the luscious green hills and the elaboarte, generous cuisine. San Sebastian and Bilbao attract food lovers from all over the world. Until recently, the level of regional wine lagged far behind the quality of Basque cuisine. Today there are a handful of Bodegas that take the wine production to the next level. Itsasmendi is a unique and great addition to our range. Their base wine is deliciously drinkable, summery and fruity. Mineral and spicy like Riesling. The thirst-quenching content is just as cheerful as the label. This is like summer in a bottle.

The Txakoli 7 is a lot more complex and has a nice full round mouth feel, without losing that slender, refined style. A style which suits the beautiful, generous contemporary Basque kitchen. A combination of warm fruit, ocean salinity and clean finish. This wine is a perfect match for today’s cuisine with fragrant oils, succulent shellfish and crispy vegetables from the (konro) grill.

The Batberri is the bad boy in the story. Nice and rough and unexpected. We don’t have many bottles, because there aren’t many made. This is for the adventurous soul, who dares to take it one step further. You might have to give a little explanation to your dinner companions about the style. Don’t serve it too cold, because this is amber juice from white grapes. It’s like red in a white body. You might like to drink it with a hearty dish that can handle the power of tannins.

All wines from Itsasmendi in one tasting box. Experience the versatility of the Hondarabbi and the Basque Country. A super nice promo to get to know the wines from this rather unknown area better.

Order the Itsasmendi box here (52.50 promo-price)

Read the full Itsasmendi blog here



Father’s Day Gift – New Châteaux from Bordeaux, Mangot and La Brande in one Box

It’s Father’s Day, Sunday 20 June. Your Dad is a cool guy and you want to show him that you appreciate him. We have exactly that present in our webshop that reflects those warm feelings. Château Mangot is our new Bordeaux domain. Chabrol has traditionally been a specialist in this region with fantastic wineries such as L’Aurage and Domaine des Cambes in stock. Mangot is a wonderful new addition. Not only do they make great crus in Saint-Émilion, but they also give ample attention to their vineyards in Castillon, Côtes de Bordeaux.

A great present for a true wine lover. Todeschini is a name to remember. Since decades they have been producing wines in Saint-Émilion and Castillon. Their search for innovation, while maintaining a classic note is admirable. In the box we have a Classis Saint-Émilion and the daring Marmot de la Brande from Castillon (no sulphite).

Order the Father’s Day Gift Box Now 50.00

Read more about Château Mangot and La Brande (Castillon) here.



Courses and Tastings

Spain Tasting Proeverij Spanje

Yes we’re ready for take off! Keep an eye on our site because we’ll start again with the best part of our profession and that is… tasting! The courses will start again in September and there are many who want to join, but unfortunately we have just a limited number of places. So keep an eye on our newsletter. We’ll give you a heads up as soon as we put the first data online.We’re aiming mid-July to administer!

Even better news is that we do have the first tastings scheduled end of June. One tasting will take place on the Haarlemmerstraat on Friday 25 June and another at the Overtoom on Saturday 26 June. The tastings are held from 8 p.m. and we naturally adhere to the applicable rules.

Like to organize your private tasting? It’s possible, we calculate a minimum charge of 450 euro. This includes 8 wines and some snacks. For now the tastings can only take place in Friday and Saturday after shop hours, i.e. 20 pm or on Monday to Wednesday during daytime. Maximum amount of attendees (instructor not included) is 10 persons, due to COVID restrictions. If you have further questions please send an e-mail to (Haarlemmerstraat) or (Overtoom).

Although the tastings are mainly Dutch the instructors both are fluent in English. Book your tasting directly here.