Marchiori: Deconstructing Glera

The Marchiori family estate

Marchiori is the winery of the Marchiori family, located in Farra di Soligo. Farra di Soligo is the central municipality of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG. The Marchiori family fully respects their surroundings and the environment. The vineyard management and cellar work are very precise and the attention to detail is noticeable in the end product. The prosecco of Marchiori show cleanliness, purity and expression of terroir.

History of Farra di Soligo

The settlement of Farra di Soligo dates back to the Bronze Age. The Roman Empire appreciated the hills for its “Pucino” white wine that originated from this region. In 680 AD, a series of fortresses and castles that still adorn the country’s hilly landscape was constructed. With the Renaissance, the first Oenology School of Italy in Conegliano was founded. Today these hills produce Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG, the undisputed star of the new ‘Made in Italy’ quality lifestyle.

Steep hillside viticulture

The Marchiori family consider the vineyards as individual ecosystems. Generations of traditional wine-growing knowledge are used to cultivate the vineyards, but contemporary techniques and innovations are also addressed. The combination of old and new ways come together in the wine. A traditional regional flavour, with freshness and clarity that meet the contemporary needs.

Intensive labour and designated plots

The steep slopes can only be worked manually, a labour-intensive process. Because of the diversity of the soil composition, limestone, rock conglomerate rock, limestone marl with iron and sandstone rich in salt layers, each vineyard is cultivated separately. The soil is fed exclusively with organic compost.

The vineyards cover 6 old Rives at an altitude of 220-360 meters above sea level. They are located on steep terraces with slopes up to 60%, orienting to the south-east, south, southwest, and west.

Exceptional choices and research

Besides the intensive labour viticultural work, the family also shows exception in the research of indigenous grape varieties. Next to the terroir specific Prosecco wines, they also produce a very limited range of still wines made from individual glera clones.

In the past, all grapes were generically named Prosecco. But recently the Prosecco-label belongs to the DOCG  and cannot be used for the grape variety. These days we commonly use Glera as a generic grape variety name.

With the current research, the family is trying to underline the diversity of each single grape variety used in Prosecco. Defining the structure and characteristics of the individual grape will result in further oenologic knowledge, resulting in even more balanced compositions. A very remarkable and honourable objective! The different grape varieties in the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene are:

Glera Tonda – fruity and uplifting
Glera Lunga – robust and strength
Bianchetta – elegant, peach notes, thyme and oregano
Perera – robust and pear Williams (what’s in a name)
Verdiso – elegant, spring green, acidity


The wines are macerated cold for a long period. This provides fruit, freshness and a powerful structure. The limestone soils ensure a low PH which secures good acids and minerality.

Intégrale – rifermented

The Intégrale is bottled with the gros lees and referments in the bottle. Producing a bone dry, chalky and mineral prosecco, with a creamy finish.

The reevaluation and planting of authentic grape varieties on the right terroirs is labour intensive and time-consuming. The family makes silent monocépages to present these unknown grape varieties. These table wines are unique and available in small quantities. With their passion and dedication, Marchiori outline the heritage of the Prosecco.

Detailed description Intégrale is on the product page.

Rocciamadre Spumante

The Rocciamadre is an elegant Prosecco with balanced fruits and mineral tones. The dryness and length compare to a brut Champagne. The low ph underlines freshness and pureness.

Detailed description Rocciamadre Spumante